We love return visitors like Asian beauty Gaia. When a girl comes running back to us we know they've had the most intense bondage and rough sex experience of their life and that they are looking to take it up another level. We don't mess around, but we keep it simple. She gets tied down and fucked until her pussy is squirting while her mouth is screaming for more.Sweet, innocent Allie Haze, in her thigh highs and pig tails will soon realize what it really means to be helpless. We will make her squirt. We will make her cum. The camera will record it all, for everyone to see. There is nothing she can do to stop it.
Poor little Allie is all bound up and in trouble, her pussy is wet, shaved and sticking out for us to fuck with.  Her cute little feet are stuck up in the air and she cannot escape the Silvia Rubi is back with two ready and willing slut slaves to parade and humiliate around town. Julia Roca and Alexa Nasha crawl on their hands and knees in a public disgrace walk of shame! The huge crowd gasps at these two beautiful perky whore's amazing nude bodies. The duo are dragged too a crowded and rowdy club, where they are both tied up in rope bondage suspension and made to fuck and suck and take whatever comes their way! The bar turns into a huge fuckfest as patrons get naked and start wildly getting in on the fun. HUGE cum loads finally get drenched on Julia and Alexa's gorgeous faces.
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Sex and Submission presents Part 2 of I greatly enjoy placing my slaves tits between two wooden bars and watching them turn purple.
bondage tits torture puffy nipplesEarlier Nyssa was all smiles and giggles. Now we're going to see if we can change that. The box on her head has been open so far. So far...
This last installment of the location trip to Japan is also one of the best.  June Mizuna is  quite beautiful and as tough as they come. Osada Steve is brilliant with his rope work and controls his very submissive model completely. Thanks go out to June and the other models as well as Osada Steve for bringing us this unique and beautiful content from the Far East.Cruel BDSM comics - Hilda 2
homemade bdsm tit torture picturesFirm Hand SpankingThe weather outside is nice and PD loves nature. Bella Rossi, on the other hand, would probably prefer to be warm and inside. It may have something to do with the fact that she is stripped naked and kneeling in the mud.
public bondageAnnaBelle gets the chance to rail the wooden pony. Its a ferocious mistress and even padded, its a petite slice of hell. Claire adds to her predicament, tying the legs wide open and her arms behind her. Even if she attempts to crunch her six pack, there is no way to release the tension of her weight on the wood mashed against her delicate cunny. Some women sight like they need a pantyhose fetish mask. AnnaBelle is one of them. Face packaged and body prepared, she is ready for a cruel pony rail. Her only option out is suspension...

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japanese restrain bondageextreme bondageMy pantyhosed gams was rubbing her butt while I was smashing her wet slit
heavy electric torture bra-stuffers and cuntJapan Bondage ArtBDSM GoodRain DeGrey has elevated herself to one of the most desired bondage models on the planet.  She is flexible, tough, and beautiful, with amazing tits and huge nipples!  

This is the most intense sybian scenes Hogtied has ever produced.  Rain has a curse, once she cums once her body doesn't stop.  She cannot stop herself from cumming.  Each orgasm gets more intense then the next, and they don't stop.  Rain just keeps cumming and cumming. Her brain starts to shut down, she forgets how to speak English.  She is literally reduced to a babbling sexually mindless helpless creature. that just keeps cumming!

We bind her good and tight, a brutal strappado pushes her forward so her clit is directly on the most powerful vibrator known to man. We suction cup her huge nipples and make them even bigger, then tie them off with strings and pull them forward so she cannot move at all. A ring gag keeps her mouth open, a Japanese tongue gag keeps her tongue hanging out of her mouth, so she can't even swallow.  She is suffering through all this and still cumming over and over and over and over..  We fuck her mouth good and hard, spit water in her face and then watch her suffer as the vibrator destroys her, destroys her to ruin! UGLYBONDAGED BOOBS
Welcome Charisma Cappelli to Hogtied. Charisma is a former All-State Softball player and Two time State Champion, pitcher and catcher.  Her amazing hard ripped bod is brilliant. Monstrous tits, extraordinaire ass and tan strong gams.

Charisma is creatively bound on a chair.  Her neck is tied, keeping her face fuckhole right where we need it.  Her ass is tucking out at just the right angle to get at that super-fucking-hot trimmed vulva.  Her ankles and wrists are roped with no knots in sight.  Her toes are even bound to keep her ankles on the inside of the chair, making her butt stick out even more.  Her huge tits are pulled through the back of the chair and her puffy nipples are pinched and pulled, keeping her in place.

We start by oiling up that perfect ass, and taking a lash to it.  Nice lil red lash marks sight beautiful against the contrast of the suntan, lubed skin.  We pinch her big puffies and painfully pull them to a ring on the floor.  We take a vibrator and tease our vulnerable athlete, then budge around to the front and brutally face smash her skull.  With her neck tied down, she can do nothing but take the disruptive gullet plumbing.

After enduring tho all that, we reward our scorching light-haired with orgasms, not one or 2 but many!  Then we bind her hair to an bootie hook and ruin her pussy, tearing orgasm after orgasm out of her screaming helpless body!Flesh Diamond is a combine of unique hotty and maso-slut. Today, we challenge her with endurance bondage and predicament bondage anguish. In episode one, Skin is bound in a standing spread eagle in high heels. She gets a punishing tape gag, and is slowly unclothed of her clothing and shoes. Finally we write words, her words, all member suggestions all over her figure. Vag, whore, trollop, jism trough... you'll have to watch the update to find them all. Ultimately in come the buckets. Claire links one to a crotch cord, and the other 2 to nipple clips and happily adds water to them. Skin has to endure this painful torment to get her reward... the best orgasms are induced under duress and this is no exception. In scene two, she embarks in a frogtie-asphyx pose. The bondage is too extreme to do anything other than watch this scorching cunt suffer... then in comes the cane and an buttfuck hook with a transition into a more old school hog. Claire heads after Flesh's feet, repetitively cropping them and gagging Skin until she has her first orgasm from sole torment. As a reward, she is hoisted into the air into a hogtie suspension. Eventually Skin is corded in a frog/pile-driver/strappado bind. Precariously perched, more member demands are fulfilled with the wartenburg wheel and then a highly challenging single leg suspension.This hard bodied slut comes to us as fresh as they come. She doesn't know what her limits are because she's so new that she hasn't experienced enough to know what she likes and dislikes. We restrain her in rigid steel and get to work on finding out what makes this slut tick, or in this case squirt. Her pussy is dripping wet  before I get my hands on her. She is so turned on at the idea of being completely helpless that her pussy juice is running down her leg.The torment begins and her pussy begins to drip even more. A metal hook is tied inside of her moist pussy before the vibe makes her squirt everywhere.Next she is in a pile driver and is made to watch as her pussy and feet are tormented. Once her pain threshold has been hit I go back to her pussy and make her squirt repeatedly until her pussy has been emptied of it's juices.In the final scene I decide to take it up a notch and climb inside of her head and do a little dance. I want to mind fuck this slut and I want to do it badly. She is blindfolded and the games begin. She begs and pleads for it to stop. Her screams of agony fill the room and puddle form on the floor from her squirting orgasms from fear of the unknown.
Blond teen fixed with chain and getting dildo in pussy.Little Guy Handledfree hentai bondageWenona and Darling are a pair of veterans so you know it takes some extreme measures to make them scream. It takes a glob of wasabi up Wenona's ass or tying off Darling's nipples so tight that they look like they may twist off. It takes hot wax, an intense fucking machine, a brutal caning and some good vibrations. And it takes the suggestions of our members, carried out by our twisted crew.rope restrain bondage
woman tortures her own big titsLike chicks who love ache? Let me present you to Amanda. Damsels who can either take a lot of pain or extreme bondage are earning a title in a new category - harsh rider. Our little cooter luvs xxl things stuffed in her mouth an severe gags, so in gig one, she gets my beloved latex beanie hood, with a black gag, and latex tape over the gag. With only her nose to sigh from, she gets antagonized with breath manage. Quickly she understands that Claire is not a very ultra-cute doll.Second, Amanda gets introduced to the cattle prod, tazapper, and zip strip with the most torturous clothespins we have. Then she is hoisted in an extraordinary chain only suspension, ebi style. Blindfolded and swinging in the air with no point of reference, she gets lost in space as the game of pain and gusto overwhelms her.Eventually, she says she loves pain, especially to her thighs. Claire loves tormenting broads legs, and goes after her with enjoyment laying down thick colored stripes of compressed flesh. Her rump is lifted into the air for a better presentation and lighter access to her gash. Strapped down, there is no way she can break away from the agony or enjoyment.Her caning position gets transitioned. Claire installs the inflatable latex balloon bondage mask on her where the breathing tubes run to the top of the head. She cannot observe out at all. Amanda is suspended upside down by her ankles and single tailed with the wand on her and nipple clips. The combo of pleasure and slicing anguish sends her over the brink into orgasm oblivion.
amateur bondageFrejas forced experience - Part 1bondage pornAsh Hollywood is a delusional patient who escapes from her room and pretends to be a nurse.  She is captured by the orderlies and restrained in a padded cell where Dr. Deen treats her in the most sadistic way.  Corporal punishment, bondage and rough sex has Ash begging for forgiveness and cuming like a dirty slut!free hentai bondage
Bella Rossi needs to be knocked down a notch since her elevated status as a domme on Whipped Ass. No one is more suited to remind Bella where she came from than Aiden Starr. Bella easily reverts back to her submissive ways trying to catch orgasm after orgasm with her vibrator. Aiden punishes Bella with anal training, spanking, pussy clamps, exercise in bondage and strap-on sex!Japan bondage collectionMistress Cherry Torn finally gets her hands on notoriously horny submissive anal slut Savannah Fox! Bound, flogged, cropped, slapped, and finger fucked, Savannah has multiple orgasms while she sits in a pool of her own pussy juices. Ass worship, pussy worship, face sitting, and anal strap-on fucking warm Savannah up for a DOUBLE PENETRATION pile driver that makes her come all over Cherry's dungeon floor!

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Late date completes up with wild wire-on tearing up for hot guy and sultry blondieTrinity Post is not only handsome and limber, she's also one of the messiest tramps around. Claire Adams vocally humiliates this redheaded slut while she is roped helpless in restrain bondage with her tits clipped and her vagina wired. She is then put in an inverted suspension which leaves both her holes open to be stuffed with electric metal corks. She jizzes uncontrollably upside down until she is praying for the pleasure to stop. But of course, that isn't enough to please this tiny mega-slut, so Claire strap-on pounds her in the ass and slams a fist deep in her cunt. And that is just the first three sequences!!!!
A role play fantasy where Dakota Skye plays a naive model that visits a creepy photographer for some elementary head shots. But when the pretty, fledgling model arrives, she is soon astonished to be unwrapped naked, strapped up and penetrated in the ass with big, bizarre objects. Dakota hastily discovers she enjoys the new sensations and squirms in orgasmic elation as the creepy camera operator gives her the Special Treatment.When Jasmin's slutty mom tries to seduce her step daughter's sheepish boyfriend, she whips out his dark side. Mom get's smacked, electrocuted and strapped down for a penalizing, knocker bouncing fuck that makes her sorry she hit on her innocent stepdaughter's bf.Alyssa Lynn's big faux tits sight astounding tied up and bouncing as she get's pulverized by Michael Vegas. This video includes taboo love, phat tits, ball gags, flogging, restrain bondage and rough sex.Alura Jensen is a glorious, phat titted heiress desperate to keep her inheritance.

Season Seven Match

Iron Maiden 
HT: 5'5
WT: 135 lbs
Season record (4-0) 
Lifetime record (Five-1)

The Empress
HT: 5'9
WT: 135lbs
Season record (0-0) 
Lifetime record (0-0)

Dia was stunned at her loss in the Summer Vengeance tournament to Areil X.  Now it's time to start all over, and struggle her way back to the tournament.  Dia has enlargened her For Annette Schwarz's last shoot at Kink.com, Princess Donna dreamed to send her off with a boink. Annette expressed interest in doing a shoot that would push her right to the confine of ache and sensation, and that is exactly what this shoot does. Corded together the 2 chicks endure thru a series of electric torments where the only way to make them stop is to transfer the pain to the other lady. These hot, big-titted, blondes struggle to withstand as much anguish as possible to spare one another, and it leads to some of the most strong and spectacular wiredpussy content of all TIME! I don't suggest skipping over this update, because these 2 dolls are on fire!!! Lots of moaning orgasms, predicament bondage, and a chemistry and intimacy that cannot be faked.

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